There is a thin line between love and lust… The question is, can you tell the difference?

Emmy McKay had a normal life, one filled with laughter and promise, until she lost the only family she had. With both parents gone, she found herself alone until she moved to the town of Baycliff, Alabama to live with her best friend. She was ready and willing to find love and happiness in the small coastal town.

Life was simple, yet Emmy felt something was missing. Allowing herself to cross the line with a mysterious stranger, she engaged in a single night full of raw passion. It was one she would never forget, enjoying what woke in her at the hands of a man she would never see again.

Surrounded by the people she loved, with a job she truly enjoyed, she settled into her new world. Until Nathaniel Hawkins walked in. He was unlike anyone she had ever known, radiating an energy that pulled you in, captivating you with his gorgeous smile. Emmy set herself a goal- get to know this alluring male… in all possible ways.

Would Emmy be able to silence what awoke in the arms of a stranger? Or would the past rear its head, preventing the happiness she could find?