Michelle currently resides in Northern Kentucky with her partner of twelve plus years. She’s a big supporter of animal rights and mental illness/breast cancer awareness issues. Living with the motto ‘Be Here Now”, Michelle takes every day as they come, something she tries to incorporate into her characters.

Michelle has been writing since she was a young girl, creating new places and characters daily. She has written every genre but tends to favor romantic suspense. She’s an avid writer who enjoys pushing the limits, forcing her characters to go where they might not wish to. She also has a soft spot for the bad boys, allowing them to bring many twists and turns into the story.

Believing love is the ultimate power, Michelle reveals just how powerful temptations and betrayals can be, testing not only the strength in the relationship but the character as well. In her spare time, you can find her enjoying time with friends and family or watching anything with Charlie Hunnam in it.

“Michelle’s writing draws you in with fantastic detail, making you crave more. She makes you believe in worlds besides your own, and reminds us that love comes when least expected.”- Author Mandi Konesni


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