Are you Quarantined? How about a new book?


First, let me start with saying, prayers and thoughts are with each one out there across the world. Stay safe and keep your loved ones close. Every one of us has sadly been affected by the Pandemic that has hit the world. Business closed. Kids out of school. Unable to visit our loved ones, elderly or not. We all have worry about what will happen next. It’s important for us to strive forward, to keep our heads held high and do whatever is needed to bring this trying time to a stop.

With that said let me ask, are you looking for something to pass the time? Well, you’re in luck because Authors from across the world have come together to provide readers with something amazing. Right now, books are being listed for free, offering direct to kindle and so much more. What better time to venture into the world? Escape the confines of your home with a story by someone you’ve not read or someone you’ve wanted to but haven’t gotten the chance.

Right now, there are three Facebook groups you can not only get a list of the books for free, but you also have the chance to meet the Authors themselves. There is no hidden fees or agenda here, everything is FREE! All that is required is for you to join and pick the book or books you would like to read. The genres rang between all, so you’re sure to find an adventure you wish to go on. The links to the pages will be posted below.

Please remember one thing, reviews are important to authors. If you snatch up a story and enjoyed it, drop a few lines to let the author know.

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